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Logo and School name

Identity and Style Guide

In an effort to maintain clear, concise and consistent branding, below are guidelines for how to represent Lincoln Elementary School in written and electronic communications.  These guidelines are provided to assist with the development of internal and external communications and any item using the school logo.  If you have questions regarding the information presented on this page contact the School to Home Communications Officer Renee Delport at 


Official: Lincoln Elementary School
Nickname: Lincoln


The acceptable logo for Lincoln Elementary School is pictured below.  Old or alternative versions should not be used.  To obtain a logo file contact

Lincoln Panthers logo



Color Palette

The primary color to be used for Lincoln Elementary School is Pantone 2370 C.

Lincoln color guide

Color Code Explanation

The color palettes to the left are provided in four formats:
Pantone, CMYK, RGB and HEX.

Pantone is a color-matching system that allows an exact color match on printed materials, fabrics, banners, signage and much more. 
CMYK   is used to achieve a color match on printed materials such as posters, brochures and other documents.
RGB is used for video production, and achieves a color match when using logos and colors in videos.
HEX is to achieve a color match on webpages and web-based software such as Google Docs.