Lincoln Elementary

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Lincoln’s Vision

Lincoln's Mission
Lincoln’s overall mission is to challenge students to reach their academic and social potentials, to graduate from high school . . . college and career ready.  We will provide students with a developmentally appropriate education which emphasizes high academic and social expectations for all students; the opportunities, resources and environment necessary to be lifelong learners; the skills and encouragement needed to be productive, responsible citizens in a changing, global society;  a safe, clean learning environment; and the support required to develop a healthy self-concept leading to sound judgment and appropriate, ethical decision making with behavior that exemplifies outstanding citizenship. 

Lincoln’s Vision

The vision of Lincoln Elementary School stems from our mission statement. There are six characteristics for each student to exhibit at all times:

  ~ Be respectful, responsible, kind and safe (Panther Pride Motto).

  ~ Participate productively and responsively in a rapidly changing society.

     ~ Demonstrate the ability to reason clearly through speaking, writing, and the use of technology.

  ~ Read and write for a purpose with focus and coherence demonstrating deep understanding of the essential standard(s).

  ~ Use problem solving techniques to resolve conflict and handle everyday situations.

  ~ Set and meet goals that promote scholarship and personal responsibility.