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PBIS Overview

Lincoln School has received a Gold rating in PBIS for the last four years.
Our Behavioral Expectations and school chant.
Lincoln PBIS Expectations Matrix


Coming and Leaving School






Multi-Purpose Room



•Come to school by arriving to at 7:30 for breakfast; or 7:45 to line up

•Line up with my class and wait quietly without playing

•Use the bathroom with permission

•Have everything I need before I leave my classroom


•Walk quietly in line with panther arms & Lincoln lips

•Keep my hands and feet to myself

•Walk in a single file

•Wait quietly at the counter

•Ask permission before walking through the office

•State my purpose politely

•Come to school on time & with homework completed

•Follow dress code

•Take good care of school materials

•Return all borrowed equipment to the right place

•Let the yard duty know if there is any property damage or writing on the big toy/swing

•Use the water fountain on yard quickly & appropriately

•Line up on time when the bell rings

•Ask for permission to use the restroom

•Flush the toilet after use

•Use only two pumps of soap to wash hands

•Use an adequate amount of paper towels to dry hands

•Keep food & drinks in proper areas

•Pick up trash around me

•Take only the food I am allowed

•Talk quietly at my table

•Return book in timely manner.

•Return a book and let the librarian know there is a tear so it can be repaired.

•Put books back on shelf with spine showing.


•Put my trash in the garbage cans

•Keep all my body parts and belongings in my own space.

•Walk/talk quietly so I don't disturb anyone who is working

•Stop for adults and younger students

•Stop adults and younger students

•Use polite language: “Please” “Thank you”    

•Wait my turn patiently without interrupting

•Listen and follow instructions

•Listen when others are talking             

•Be supportive of others

•Keep personal belongings in my own space

•Follow game rules & including others. 

•Support others

•Take care of school property. 

•Keep school grounds clean & in working order.

•Give others privacy

•Use the bathroom quickly by going the motions in a normal way

•Throw toilet paper in the toilet and paper towels in the trash

•Listen quietly & participate when asked

•Help younger students

•Use the sink area properly

•Chew with my mouth closed

•Use a quiet voice.

•Wait my turn to ask questions


•Take younger students and watch out for them

•Ask if I can help carry something for someone who has full hands.

•Pick up things others have dropped

•Say "excuse me" when I need to pass by another person

•Be considerate of others

•Use a quiet voice

•Wait my turn

•Treat others nicely by using kind words & helping others

•Pick up litter from the floor.

•Watch out for others

•Treat others nicely

•Use kind words

•Help others

•Follow adult instruction

•Report any problems to the office, Mr. Chanse, or my teacher

•Treat others nicely and saying, "Excuse me," when I need to get by them

•Think about student’s feelings

•Help others

•Use shelf marker to put books back on shelf where they belong


•Use crosswalks and walk my bike across the street

•Wait for a car to be parked before going to it.

•Walk straight home if I am walking without a grownup

•Walk on the white lines in single file line with Panther arms and Lincoln lips

•Sit appropriately on chairs

•Hold swinging door while passing

•Stay in the office until released

•Keep my hands to myself

•Use approved internet sites only

•Keep my hands & feet to myself

•Report safety concerns. 

•Keep hands & feet to myself

•Keep water and paper towels off the ground

•Keep my feet on the ground

•Sit properly in the designated seating area

•Keep all food off the floor 

•Report any spills on the floor

•Use the internet to look up books or taking AR quizzes.

Academic Goals

Students K-5th grade will improve by 5% from Fall to Spring as measured by the BPST and/or SRI.


Behavior Goals

Lincoln  School will decrease suspensions by the number of students suspended by .3% or greater when compared to the 1.4% suspension rate of 2018-19.  (Goal is 1.1% or less...about 3 students based on 311 total attendance.)  

Panther Pride
Being a Lincoln Panther means:
I'm Responsible
I'm Respectful
I'm Kind
I'm safe
Panther Pride