Lincoln Elementary

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.Lincoln School has received a Gold rating in PBIS for the last three years.

PBIS Behavior Rewards

Whole School

Trimester PBIS Assembly–An assembly with Krazy Karen for all students who have shown positive behavior during the trimester   A student who has received a Major ODR or 2 Minor ODR’s during the trimester is not allowed to participate. This year we have added an Activity Day on the last Friday of each month for students that have shown positive behavior for the entire month.  A student who has received any ODR (Major or Minor) may not participate in Activity Day. 


Classroom Paw- Classroom earns PAWS in different areas including (please see Tier 2 Reward System Outline)


Red Ticket Race- Student receives red tickets throughout the year for positive behavior.  Students are able to spend their red tickets at our Panther Paw Store located in the library. 

Trimester PBIS Behavior Certificates-  Four students in each class are chosen by the teacher for a Panther Pride Expectation Certificate and is presented to them during the Trimester Academic Assembly.

Panther Pride Chant
Being a Lincoln Panther means:
I'm Responsible
I'm Respectful
I'm Kind
I'm Safe
Panther Pride