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Lincoln Elementary School students will be recognized for their outstanding efforts in academics, behavior, and citizenship. Pride is taken in each and every student for their contributions in making Lincoln Elementary School a wonderful place to learn.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

Student reading is recognized through the Accelerated Reader program. Each year, students must learn between three thousand and five thousand new words, and independent reading is one way of adding new vocabulary. AR allows staff to support students in vocabulary building and reading comprehension throughout the year. 

Excellent Attendance and Participation

Certificates are awarded at the end of each trimester to students who have had excellent attendance and participation. These students are entered into a bike drawing sponsored by the Reedley Sunrise Kiwanis, a community partnership program that supports KCUSD schools. In addition, students with excellent attendance all year receive special recognition at the end of the school year.

Fifth Grade Scholarship

Each year, two fifth-graders are selected to each receive a $200 scholarship from the employees of Kings Canyon Unified School District. Students are selected by a committee that includes teachers, school staff, and the principal. Selection is based on outstanding academic achievement as well as exceptional personal character. Selected students receive a certificate at the fifth grade end-of-the-year program. After graduating from high school, the students can present proof of enrollment at a college or vocational school to an Assistant Principal of Reedley High School to collect their scholarship.

Math All-Stars and Math Superstars

Students in Grades TK-5th have the opportunity to become a Math All-Star or Math Superstar. Each grade has different requirements for eligibility for these awards. Students that achieve the All-Star requirements are awarded with a certificate and a special star that is placed on the Math All-Star board in the office. Students who qualify as a Math Superstar are eligible for a special incentive at the end of the school year.

Trimester Awards

Trimester Awards are earned at the end of each of the three trimesters. Teachers select students who have consistently demonstrated one of the four Panther Pride schoolwide expectations by being responsible, respectful, kind, and safe. Students in 2nd-5th grades who consistently demonstrate all four expectations may receive the Panther Pride award. Also, students in 2nd-5th grades who demonstrate exemplary academic achievement and/or growth may qualify for the Academic Award.

President’s Education Awards

Each year, four fifth-graders are selected to receive the President’s Education Awards. Students receive a certificate and commemorative pin from the President of the United States, and are recognized at the fifth grade end-of-the-year program. To be eligible, students must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement as well as self-motivation, initiative, integrity, leadership qualities, and/or exceptional judgment.

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